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DNS Management

We handle all your DNS needs. With our Managed DNS service, we’ll create and manage all the hostname configurations for your domain.

Leave the complex DNS tasks to us while you focus on running your business. Our cost-effective solution provides a seamless way to maintain your online presence without getting bogged down in technical details. We’ll set up, update, and fix your DNS records, ensuring your domain is always accessible.

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DNS Management Explained

Domain Name System (DNS) management involves administering the DNS records for your domain(s). While your domain registrar typically handles DNS management by default, you have the option to delegate this responsibility to other cloud hosting providers. Doing so allows you to centralise your server management under a single provider.

At Website Helper, we offer DNS management services to customers in all regions. Our approach is designed to provide you with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Instead of being tied to a monthly plan, you only need to contact us when you require changes to your DNS records. We charge a one-time fee of £30 per hour for handling DNS updates, ensuring you only pay for the service when you actually need it.

Whether you need to add or modify DNS records, configure subdomains, or ensure proper propagation of changes across the internet, our DNS management service has you covered. We’ll work diligently to ensure your domain’s DNS settings are correctly configured and up-to-date, allowing you to focus on your core business operations while we handle the technical aspects.

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Can I move my domain name to you?

Yes, if you move your domain name to us, we have an annual DNS management subscription of £30, which allows you to request unlimited changes to your DNS throughout the year.

DNS management is included in our website maintenance services.

How much does the service cost?

If your domain is registered with another provider, we charge a one-time fee of £30 per hour to manage and make changes to your DNS records. This flexible, pay-as-you-go approach allows you to use our DNS management services only when needed, without being tied to a recurring subscription.

Can you help configure Office 365 DNS records?

Yes, we can assist with configuring all necessary DNS records for Office 365 to ensure your email and other services function correctly.

Can you help configure Google Workspace DNS records?

Yes, we can assist with configuring all necessary DNS records for Google Workspace to ensure your email and other services function correctly.

My email provider says I need to set up DKIM and DMARC records. Can you help with that?

Yes, absolutely. We can configure the required DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) DNS records for your domain. These records help authenticate your outgoing emails and improve email deliverability by preventing spoofing and phishing attempts. Our DNS management service ensures these records are properly set up and maintained to enhance the security and reliability of your email communications.


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