What is Shared Web Hosting?

Are you feeling lost by all of the different types of web hosting services and plans being offered?

If so, you’re not alone. There are thousands of web companies across the globe offering different types of web hosting plans, which can get you pretty confused very quickly.

Add to that all of the technical jargon terms like bandwidth, GB, Ram, DNS and it’s easy to see how someone who just wants to start a simple website can easily get discouraged.

The first thing to consider before you start looking for a new web hosting company is to make sure they reside in the same country as you and that their data centres are also located in the same country as you as this will play a big role in how well your website performs. Another tip is to do a little research on the company, look for customer reviews and make a decision based on customer satisfaction and not price.

With that said let’s take a look at what shared web hosting is.

Shared hosting is when your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites. A web server is a very powerful computer with huge resources such as disk space, memory, speed etc that is connected to the internet 24/7. The advantage of this setup is the shared cost. You can pay as little as £3-£10 per month for sharing a powerful server with several hundred of other websites.

The downside of shared hosting is that you’re at the mercy of the other websites on the same server. A really popular site may drain server resources and this will affect the performance of your own site, although a good web hosting provider will try to prevent this from happening by warning website owners with popular websites that they need to upgrade to a bigger plan.

Who is shared hosting for?

Shared hosting is best suited for people with small websites that will not receive a high volume of traffic. Our shared hosting plans start from as little as £3.30 a month, all plans include free daily backups, unlimited emails, free SSL and unmetered data transfer.


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