What is a staging website?

A staging website is an independent copy of your live website that is created to test plugins, themes, and core updates.

Making changes on a live site can be very risky and we strongly recommend that you test all of your changes before applying them to your live website.

A WordPress staging website comes in very handy for this purpose, it allows you to test code, plugins and themes without the fear of breaking anything on your live site.

A staging website offers several benefits to webmasters or developers, including:

  • Updating the WordPress core, themes and plugins without breaking your live website
  • It allows you to thoroughly test your site without time pressure
  • Your visitors will not experience downtime or sudden errors messages
  • It helps to eliminate the effects of a damaged or broken site on search engine optimisation, conversions, and sales.

Creating a staging site is not a difficult task if you know your way around FTP and are confident with MySQL. You could ask your web developer to make a clone for you or you could always ask us (how cheeky are we?).

In our next article, we will go look at how you can create your very own staging website step by step. Until then, feel free to contact us or if you have any comments fire away below.


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