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Top 10 Strategies to get More People to Your Website or Blog

Traffic is bad on the road. But it is a blessing on a website or blog- as long as your bandwidth can handle it. The higher the traffic, the more popular and significant the site becomes and the more revenue you will get.  However, with millions of websites and blogs competing for the same traffic, it’s becoming an uphill task for one to get enough people to visit their site. Luckily, there are some strategies that can help you improve traffic to your blog or website. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Writing and publishing quality articles

On the web, most people tend to go for quality rather than for quantity.  It is therefore important that you publish quality articles. It’s not just enough to optimize articles for the search engines because if the articles are not good enough, nobody will stay on your website long enough. Poor quality content is one reason why many blogs have high traffic but with equally high bounce rates.

2. Create SEO friendly content

One mistake people often do is to spam articles with keywords all over. Third might have worked a decade ago but today, it will do more harm than good. Use keywords naturally in the articles and do not overuse them too. It’s a good idea to use your keywords in the first and last paragraphs.

3. Define your target audience

As the saying goes, the problem with not knowing where you are going is that you won’t realize when you reach there. Defining your target audience is very important because you can easily package the message, articles or language used on your site to fit the standards and preferences of your audience.

4. Create sharable posts

For every post that you publish, include widgets that make it easier for your readers to share the post with their friends and colleagues.  Nowadays, most of the information is shared through social media networks.  To take advantage of this, ensure that the posts on your site can be shared via major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

5. Create a social media page

The easiest way of connecting with your readers and fans is by opening a page on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.  This works to the benefit of the web owner or blogger since they can interact with their followers much easily, get nonbiased feedback and also form a relationship with their followers.

6. Enable subscriptions via e-mail of feeds

It may be a bit hard for someone to visit your page daily.  However, by enabling your readers to subscribe to new posts or promotions, they will easily get all the updates and if they are in need of more information, they can refer to your site.  In addition, they can share your posts with their peers hence make your site go viral.

7. Interact with other bloggers

No man is an island.  Similarly, no website or blog can healthily thrive on its own; it’ll always need the support of others.  Follow other blogs and check the online trends in your niche. That will help you connect with more like-minded people and it will eventually boost your views.

8. Link building

Blogs and websites could also increase their number of visitors by exchanging links with each other.  In addition, they can get their links listed on various web directories that help promote and increase the number of people visiting a particular site.

9. Enabling a comment form on your site

Make your blog come alive by comment systems. This makes your readers feel engaged. It also gives you a chance to get valuable feedback which will help you improve your blog in the long run.

10.  Email signature

Lastly, you have to promote your site before others can start to promote it for you.  In your email address, add a signature with a link to your site or blog.  Similarly, you can ask all of your employees or staff to do the same so that all emails sent out of the company can lead the recipient back to your site.

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