Move WordPress

Moving WordPress shouldn’t be a headache. Let us take care of that headache for you.

WordPress migration service

With our WordPress migration service, we can help you move your WordPress website from and to any web host.

One of the beauties of WordPress is that you do not need to reinstall or build your website again if you want to move web hosts. WordPress is very flexible and it can be moved to a new home very easily.

Moving WordPress pricing

The cost to move a WordPress website is as follows:

WordPress website under 10MB / Free
WordPress website under 100MB / £25
WordPress website under 500MB / £50
WordPress website under 750MB / £75
WordPress website under 1GB / £100

Frequently asked questions

Can I attempt to move WordPress myself?

Yes, we would encourage you to try and move your WordPress website yourself to boost your WordPress skills. There are some great migration tools out there such as All-in-One WP Migration. This tool is very handy and free to use if your website is under 500MB in size.

How long will it take for you to move my WordPress website?

We aim to move websites in one working day. The time it will take depends on the size of the website. Typically a small website takes no more than one hour to move.

Can you move WordPress to any web host?

Yes, no matter the web host or setup, as long we have access to your database and FTP we can move your website anywhere.

What information will you require from me?

In most cases, all we require is the login details to your current and new web host. This includes FTP, Database and WordPress login information.

Can you help with DNS changes?

Yes, we can help update DNS records.

Can you move my website to or from

Yes, we can move any website to a self-hosted version of WordPress or vice versa.

Have more questions? Please get in touch with us.