Hacked Website Repair

Website blacklist & malware removal in less than 24hrs.

One Fixed Payment

We can start removing malware immediately.


We will investigate and assess the extent of the damage caused on your webite.

Back Up Back Up Back Up

We will back up your current website, begin to remove all malicious code, patch installed plugins and your currently working theme as weill as add several extra layers of security.

Final Report

Our final report outlines findings, what we’ve done to fix your problem, and security advice for the future.

Simple, all-inclusive pricing

WordPress Malware Removal

One Time

*One Time Fee


* No Min Contract, Cancel Anytime.

We find Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Our work is guaranteed. If the hack reoccurs our security experts will fix it for FREE. If your hacked website can not be fixed, there is NO CHARGE and you will get a full REFUND. 

If your beloved WordPress website has been hacked do not despair, our trained Website Security Team will identify and remove malware, fix your website security issues, and do everything we can to help you better monitor and prevent your website from being hacked in the future.

Website Helper can help if your website:

  • Has been disabled by your web host due to malware or spam complaints
  • Shows pharmaceutical or porn adverts under your google listing
  • Has been defaced
    Contains links that you didn’t add
  • Your website no longer loads or is full of strange error messages
  • Browser warnings

We deal with websites that experience the above problems every day. A conversation with us costs you nothing, so if we can’t help, then at least you’ll be better informed.

Why Hackers Target Your WordPress Site & What You Can Do About It?